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I'm Angel.
This blog is completely dedicated to Ouran Highschool Host Club.
You can find everything from OHSHC here, but I have a soft spot for the Hitachiin twins and Tamaki :3

"These crabs taste in-crab-ible."

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Please don’t send any more asks with your description and name! I have quite a few in my inbox that I’m trying to get done. But don’t worry, I’ll do this game again in the future! Thanks guys

Hallie, short brown hair, brown eyes. I play the saxophone and basketball, honors student, humorous, I'm kinda closed off until you get to know me. I look like a guy.


Tamaki. You kind of sound and look like haruhi too haha so he’ll have his eye on you immediately

Hi hi! I'm Alexis ^^ umm I am 5'1" I have black hair I love teddy bears I DON'T CARE IF I AM 17! Oh and sweets^^ or ummm shoot I have brown eyes ummm... Sorry idk what else to say...


Honey of course! He looooooves teddy bears and sweets too :3

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Ysabelle, Izzy for short. Honors student. Shortest out of all my friends, despite being average height. Playful, outgoing, adventurous, rebellious and happy, but serious when I need to be. Medium length dark brown hair. Asian. Loves to read, draw and write. Total band geek. Very talkative but likes solitude at times. Looks pissed off and unamused but personality is the total opposite, and quite the bad ass if I must say XD


I think you’re good with Mori because you can be serious with him but you can cheer him up and make him have fun and stuff c:

Idk if you're still doing these but my name's Livia! I'm 5'7" and I have long brown hair and green eyes, intelligent, logical, apparently manipulative, really quiet, probably way too proud, don't show much emotion but I try to appear friendly to everyone, don't laugh easily but I have a very sarcastic sense of humour. I really like to travel, play the piano and sing, and play games like chess :) P.S. I love your blog it's perfect


Wow brown hair and green eyes? You sound beautiful!! Anyways thanks for giving me a lot of info cause it really helps. For some reason…I just think you’d be amazing with Kaoru. You have similar personalities and I think you guys would be fun together

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My name is Mercedes I'm 5'5 and i have short brown hair and brown eyes I am very energetic and sarcastic. I love listening to music and watching netflix.


Your dark looks would contrast Hikaru’s more colorful looks and I think that’d be neat. You guys can always lounge about, listen to music and watch netflicks together :3

From here on out, please stop sending these! I’ll do another round of these later c: