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Welcome to the Host Club

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OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB » 1 photoset per episode

↳ Ep. 5: The Twins Fight! 
Have you noticed, Hikaru? Up until now, there were only two worlds: “us” and “everyone else.” But for the first time, a genuine gatecrasher has appeared.
I hate all these damn rich people.
dom’s fav characters: [2/?] haruhi fujioka
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literally the ouran theme song could be my life theme song

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Happy Halloween (in advance) from Ouran!
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Anonymous sent: Both pictures could be hikaru but the color blue is hikaru's rose color as orange is kaoru's but then the quotes don't match up?

ok! since orange is kaoru’s color, then i think the top left hand picture is him and the quote below belongs to him. and so that would make the other picture hikaru and it’s possible that one of the pictures were just flipped??

i don’t have the original pictures unfortunately but that’s my theory…